Sodium CMC for Oil Well Drilling Industry

CMC when used in drilling liquid, fixing liquid and fracturing liquid, CMC plays a role of resisting water loss and increasing adhesion so as to protecting the wall of oil well, prevent slurry erosion, take away drill crumbs, protect aiguilles and increase drilling speeds.



››  CMC is used for binding tobacco flakes in tobacco industry.

››  It is also used as thickener and dispersant in battery.

››  When used in mosquito repellent incense, it plays a role of strengthening tenacity, molding and providing good compatibleness.

››  It is used in pharmaceutical industry in Syrup & Dry Suspension as thinker and suspension agent.

››  Used in pencil leads as a binding agent and moulding performance improvement agent.

››  It is also used in electric welding rods to improve molding performance.

››  Used in pesticide and insecticides as thickener, binder and suspension agent.

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